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Colorful Washington home built from 11 shipping containers hits market for $2 million

A beautiful, unique and artistic Vancouver, Washington, home built from 11 shipping containers of various colors has hit the market for $2 millionLouise James, the listing agent for the property, said the 4,000-square-foot home offers “a surprise around every corner … when you see the artistic eye.”

The four-bedroom, four-bath residence at 4211 SE 164th Ave. carries many Asian influences throughout it. There’s an outside Japanese garden, a Japanese tea and meditation room, a koi pond, an intricately hand-carved Balinese wood counter top in the bar and a Tibetan prayer wheel.  The koi pond is located in the courtyard and is equipped with aquarium glass so it’s possible to see the fish in all areas of the house, including the sunken conversation pit.

The home was built and designed by owner Edward Merced, according to the listing. He is not in the home-building business, James said, but pulled off an architectural marvel nonetheless.  “The interior surprises around every corner, blending Asian and Industrial design aesthetics with a unique, modern flare,” according to the official website for the home.

Construction on the container home began in 2015. The shipping containers were stacked and rotated while being integrated into a wood frame structure with concrete walls and large, well-placed windows.  “It has a variety of unique, hand-picked, recycled materials throughout,” the listing states. “The commercial grade kitchen with a large natural stone island and heated concrete floors creates a wonderful gathering place for family and friends.”

HGTV featured the property in the first season of “Container Homes.”  “The house doesn’t feel like you’re in a container,” James said. While luxury custom finishes dominate the design, there are reminders of the shipping containers, such as the contours along some walls and the red entryway.  A large glass-enclosed area on the second floor, which could be used for crafts or homeschooling, overlooks the main living space. There are large windows and nine-foot ceilings. An upstairs family room features an indoor atrium, and partial views of the Columbia River can be found from various places in the home.  Bedrooms and bathrooms use wood and stone elements. The owner chiseled the bathroom sinks himself, according to realtor.com.

The primary bedroom suite is a container itself, and the home’s theme is carried out with a huge koi fish painted on the exterior.  “When you are in the bedroom, you think you’re in a treehouse,” James told the real estate website.  Outside, a tree-lined creek runs next to the house. There’s an outdoor kitchen, an orchard that grows kiwi, pomegranates, figs, persimmons, bing cherries, plums, Asian pears, and Honeycrisp apples, and a special green house.


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