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10 Tips to Upgrade Your Bedroom

We spend roughly a third of our lives asleep, so it’s only right that bedrooms be high on the priority list when it comes to home upgrades. Whether you’re looking for extra comfort or added liveliness from your personal sanctuary, these 10 simple tips will level up your bedroom.

10 Tips to Upgrade Your Bedroom

1. Bed Feng Shui

By incorporating some basic feng shui principles, your bedroom will automatically feel more comfortable. Position the head of your bed against a wall with ample surface area and room on the left, right, and foot of the bed. Avoid a bed position where doors can open directly into the bed. Finally, avoid the “coffin position,” where your feet point out a doorway.

2. Bedroom Textures

Sheepskin rugs, a down comforter, plush pillows, and knit blankets can add a softness to the room that will make you want to sink right in. Lift these textures upward, with a canopy, tufted headboard, billowy curtains and hanging textiles so even the walls and ceiling feel snuggly.

3. Declutter Under Your Bed

There may not be any monsters under your bed, but if it becomes a clutter nest, it can feel just as frightening. If you depend on the space under your bed for storage, organize it with storage bins.

4. Add Mood Lighting

Soften the light to mimic dusk for an intimate mood with dimmer switches, lamps, lanterns, or even string lights. Bedside lamps are a must-have for your nightstand arrangement. Whether you prefer to read books or watch shows and movies before you sleep, you won’t have to get out of bed when it’s time for lights out.

5. Breathe Easy in Bed

Aromatherapy can have a huge impact on your perception of a space, so find some soothing essential oils or a sweet candle to blanket the room with an ambiance you adore. As soon as you open the door, you’ll be eager to plunge into your little oasis.

6. Bedroom Multi-Functionality

These days, your bedroom may very well have taken on an additional role as a home office, or even your home gym. Accordingly, multifunctional items can help organize the chaos. Explore desks that double as nightstands, storage ottomans, lift-top side tables, or even loft beds.

7. Upgrade Your Decor

Choose natural and warm decor options like wood and comfortable fabrics to bring your bedroom together. Your bedroom is your own personal sanctuary. The more natural and comfortable it feels, the better chance you’ll have of getting the consistent sleep you’re dreaming of. Décor like wood blinds, elegant curtains, thick blankets, shiplap, and the like will help deliver that sanctuary feel.

8. Bedroom Colors

Your bedroom’s colors have significant say in the overall feel of the room. For ultimate comfort, natural, earthy color palettes work best to bring an element of rejuvenation and healing to your bedroom. Think of soft reds, soothing blues, earthy browns and off-whites. These warmer, organic color palettes are trendy, as well.

9. All-White Bedroom Color Tips

For those who prefer their bedroom to feel like sleeping on a cloud, choosing an all-white color palette is the way to go. Any splashes of color will go a long way against the white backdrop. Colorful throw pillows, rugs, and decorative items will pop, while maintaining that spa environment you’re after.

10. Upgrade Your Plant Life

For a more natural feel to your bedroom, add some plant life throughout the space. Succulents, hanging baskets, and flower arrangements with fit right at home in your bedroom, improve your air quality, and bring a touch of the outdoors.

There isn’t one solution for the perfect bedroom, but these tips can guide your decision process to determine what upgrades will help you sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed. Make a list, get to work, and sweet dreams!

By Sandy Dodge, Dec 2, 2020