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Buyers & Sellers Should You Refinance or Sell Your Home? Homeowners can often reach a financial fork in the road when they must decide to either refinance their existing mortgage or sell their home. Each route has its respective advantages depending on your financial health, the mortgage rate market, and the future needs of your household. Refinancing vs. Selling When working to ease the financial burden […]
Buyers & Sellers Home Safety and Security It’s true that your home is an investment and an asset, but most importantly, it’s your livelihood, so taking measures to adequately protect it is well worth your time. An unfortunate reality of being a homeowner is that your home can be a target for mischievous and/or criminal acts. Fortunately, there are tools and systems […]
Buyers & Sellers Tips For Emergency Preparedness With homeownership comes the responsibility of having to plan ahead for life’s unknowns. Emergencies come in many forms, depending on your local climate. So whether its more likely that you and your household need to prepare for the potential of a wildfire, a flood, or a winter storm, it’s crucial to have resources on hand to limit […]
Buyers & Sellers The housing market isn’t normalizing—Zillow predicts the wildest home price swing still awaits Depleted, stretched, and disheartened. That’s how a lot of home shoppers, who’ve lost home bid after bid over the past year, are feeling these days. When it comes to timing, they’ve certainly gotten the short end of the stick. Over the past 12 months, U.S. home prices are up 18.8%—an uptick larger than any 12-month […]
Buyers & Sellers Monday with Matthew: The Impact of Rising Mortgage Rates The Impact of Rising Mortgage Rates Hello there. I’m Windermere Real Estate’s Chief Economist Matthew Gardner. Welcome to the latest episode of Monday with Matthew. Over the past several weeks I’ve gotten a lot of messages from you wanting me to discuss the spike in mortgage rates that followed comments by the Federal Reserve, but […]
Buyers & Sellers Prosperity bomb 2.0? Bellevue passes Manhattan in housing prices For years Seattle has been in a high state of angst, or yearning in some cases, about the prospect that our fishing village was morphing into the new Manhattan. We had it all wrong. It turns out once-sleepy Bellevue was sprinting there first. You’ve probably been rubbernecking, as I have, at these insane stories about […]
Buyers & Sellers Beyond Supply And Demand: Today’s Tech Is Helping House Prices Skyrocket Falling interest rates and the pandemic are the top two reasons for house prices skyrocketing over the last year and a half but there’s another reason no one talks about. Today’s technology simply makes it easier for house prices to increase when buyer demand increases. If house prices are indeed more sensitive to increases in […]
Buyers & Sellers The Ultimate Seller’s Market: 10 Housing Records Set in 2021 Ten charts that illustrate a record year for the U.S. housing market, including the highest home prices and lowest supply of all time.  2021’s housing market has been, in a word, remarkable. The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting surge in remote work have changed where, when, why and how people buy homes. This past year, […]
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Buyers & Sellers Home Sales About To Surge? We May See a Winter Like Never Before. Like most industries, residential real estate has a seasonality to it. For example, toy stores sell more toys in October, November, and December than they do in any other three-month span throughout the year. More cars are sold in the U.S. during the second quarter (April, May, and June) than in any other quarter of […]
Buyers & Sellers 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or have purchased a home before, the same mistakes can rear their head at any point in the buying process. By working closely with your agent, you can identify these pitfalls ahead of time and adjust accordingly. Mistakes in the buying process can lead to higher costs, added stress, and […]
Buyers & Sellers Remote Work Is Here To Stay. Can Your Home Deliver the Space You Need? A lot has changed over the past year. For many people, the rise in remote work influenced what they’re looking for in a home and created a greater appetite for a dedicated home office. Some professionals took advantage of the situation and purchased a bigger home. Other people thought working from home would be temporary, […]
Buyers & Sellers Buying and Selling a Home at the Same Time Successfully selling a home and buying a home are significant accomplishments on their own, but when their timelines cross it can be difficult to manage both. If you’re thinking about doing both simultaneously, it’s equally important to understand the steps you can take to make the process go smoothly as it is to have a backup plan in case […]
Buyers & Sellers 5 Green Upgrades that Increase Your Home Value Five Green Upgrades that Increase Your Home Value 1. Energy-Efficient Appliances It’s no secret that appliances use a significant amount of energy, which means there is plenty of opportunity to cut back on their output. Installing energy-efficient appliances can do wonders for creating a more eco-friendly home, while appealing to buyers who value sustainability. When shopping […]
Buyers & Sellers Knowing When to Sell Your Home Of all the components involved in a successful home sale, there is perhaps no greater contributing factor than timing. Knowing when to sell your house gives you the best chance to make an impact when you hit the market. Every seller’s situation is unique but choosing when to sell comes down to how prepared you […]
Buyers & Sellers Relocating for Remote Work As the ubiquity of working from home continues, many homeowners are making the decision to move. Whether the motivation for relocating is to lower the cost of living, to be closer to family, or simply a fresh start, there are various factors to keep in mind when relocating for remote work. Before You Relocate Before you […]
Buyers & Sellers Google Continues to Invest in Kirkland With the recent news that Seattle is the national leader in big tech office leases, it’s no wonder that Kirkland continues to be a prime spot for investment from Google. Google recently announced that it plans to invest more than $7 billion in offices and data centers around the U.S., including the continuing construction of […]
Buyers & Sellers How Architects are Designing Offices in the Pandemic COVID-19 has changed just about every facet of life — and that includes the very architecture that surrounds us. As remote work and virtual gatherings have become the norm, architects and designers are reevaluating the ways in which they design communal spaces. In particular, offices have proven challenging as architecture firms address questions like which […]